3 popular types of master’s degree in nursing

The field of nursing is one of the most important and also diverse fields in the healthcare industry. So, a career in nursing can be considered as noble and rewarding. Nurses provide a valuable healthcare service, and there is a growing demand for more nursing professionals in the coming years. Thus, the demand nursing schools and colleges have been on the rise, especially with a masters degree in nursing (MSN).

The specialization for a master degree in nursing can be selected keeping the following parameters in mind: the type of care you want to deliver, what is the department you would prefer working in, whether there are special skills that have to be learned to be trained for practice and so on.

MSN programs enable candidates to focus on varied areas of specialization. Masters nursing courses also help to focus on hospital administration and public health in general, along with the specific subjects to be covered.

Masters courses in nursing are generally offered for a duration of two years, with a project and thesis to be completed in addition to the curriculum. You can also make the most of the curriculum online with most universities and colleges giving equal importance to online courses. Some of the popular types of masters nursing courses include:

  • RN- MSN programs: These courses are offered to registered nurses who want to pursue a master’s degree to gain more expertize and specialization. However, only registered nurses who have a BSN degree are eligible to apply for a master’s degree. The MSN course, in this case, will take four years to complete.
  • ASN/ADN- MSN programs: People who have completed and have a degree in associate science of nursing or an associate degree in nursing can also apply for a masters nursing course. But the catch here is that they will also have to study for their BSN first before opting for a master’s program.
  • BSN- MSN programs: Candidates who have completed their bachelors in nursing can apply for this kind of two-year master nursing courses.

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