3 popular knee stabilizers for a torn meniscus

Meniscus tears are a common type of knee injury that occurs when the fibrocartilage strips in the knee rupture. There are many reasons for a meniscus tear occurring in the knee; it can be caused by the simple process of walking or through more traumatic encounters seen through sports or physical exertion. In the case of senior citizens, degenerative tears often happen as a result of wear and tear over the years. Regardless of the cause, meniscus tears require treatment that includes an ice pack, rest, support, and possible surgery depending on the severity.

Knee stabilizers are a preferred method used to stabilize the injured area and prevent further damage. There are different types of stabilizers available for individuals who have a tear in their meniscus depending on the cause of the tear, extent of the injury, and the price range that the individual would like to stay within. Some of the best knee stabilizers available in the market for a torn meniscus have been mentioned below:
Breg Fusion Knee Stabilizer: The Breg Fusion Stabilizer has a high-strength frame design built out of tempered aluminum to withstand high-impact contact. It allows for significant airflow as it has air-mesh vents and frame pads which also serves to lend more comfort to the user. Moreover, the dial hinge makes it easily adjustable. It serves to improve suspension and remove moisture and heat from the skin, but it is very expensive.
Motion Infiniti Knee Stabilizer: This stabilizer is an excellent option for injuries that are not severe and works well for performing activities that do not require a lot of impacts like hiking, walking, yoga, and tennis. The material is breathable, and it incorporates four metal springs as well as a non-slip support. Although it is highly affordable, it is quite bulky.
Alaska Bear Open Patella Stabilizer: This stabilizer is well suited for individuals who need minimal support. The open design helps support the kneecaps and improves comfort levels. It is also lightweight and breathable.

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