Wheeled walkers are user friendly walking aids

Wheeled walkers are more stable in terms of providing support and reducing the risk of falling as a walking aid compared to the walking sticks or canes. These wheeled walkers have easy maneuverability and are available in a variety of choices such as 2 in 1 combination rollators and indoor walkers, four-wheel rollators with seats, 3 wheel tri-walkers, etc. There are various factors to consider and types to be known of before picking the right aid for an elderly individual.

Individuals who have difficulty lifting a regular walking aid like non-wheeled walkers can pick a rollator, which is nothing but regular walkers that have wheels fixed in with additional features in order to provide both comforts of use and support while walking. There are models equipped with seats as well to aid with rest stops for those who have difficulty moving around without taking a stop or resting their knees.

The three-wheeled walkers or tri-walkers are slightly less stable than a rollator but on the advantageous side, they are lighter in weight and easy to maneuver around compared to the four-wheeled rollators.

One great advantage of rollators is that they are anti-skid control brakes which allows the elderly individuals to be in control of their movements, and the fluid movement of the front wheels ensures that the individual can make turns at pathway or doors without having to do any heavy lifting or major turning technique. Having a larger castor also adds on for easy maneuvering on harder terrains without the risk of falling. All rollators are made of durable materials which ensure the withholding of weight without any strain.

Some of the most common features found on these rollators are adjustable height, overall width and width between the hand grips, and folding capacity. Any elderly individual using a rollator requires a steady grip and having sturdy grips help with the maneuvering. Some rollators even have comfort features compared to any other walking aid due to their simple structure and easy handling. They definitely help boost the confidence in the elderly to walk without fear of strain or fall.

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