Ways to deal with diabetic supplies

The following points shall help deal with diabetic supplies in various ways:

Packets contain symbols which give us a clue about if the articles can be recycled or not. If such a recycling symbol is found, only then you can use it. A recycling center and local guidelines to be followed in a particular area can be checked. Many diabetic supplies like test strips or infusion set boxes, infusion set cartons, or protective plastic needle caps can be readily recycled.

Disposing of needles
For people suffering from diabetes, it is essential to be aware of the disposing of needles. Sharp containers or containers which cannot be easily punctured should be used.

Disposing of electronic waste
Electronic waste could include a blood glucose meter which is useless for you now. An e-waste center comprises of an electronic waste bin where most electronics are usually placed.

Disposing of expired products
One disadvantage of having drawers filled with excessive diabetic supplies is forgetting to look at the expiration dates. Before using any product, make sure it is within the desired time frame and can be used. Otherwise, skim through your local regulations and dispose of products which have crossed the expiry date.

Diabetic supplies like insulin and insulin pump supplies are prescribed products. It is always a good cause for which you shall donate such products but a valid prescription from a healthcare professional is required for usage. Some charitable organizations help in the navigation of this process.

Diabetic supplies differ on the basis of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. However, the basic items you shall require for sure are a glucose meter, test strips, lancets to pierce your finger for blood samples, ketone level measurement with the help of urine test strips, glucose tablets, and emergency alert bracelets.

Ensure to buy portable glucose meters. These should be battery operated. Ensure to choose well from the numerous blood glucose monitoring systems are available. Depending on what features you need, the price of glucose meters vary. Take care of factors like accuracy, quick response, and convenience. The results in case of blood glucose meters are obtained in 15 seconds.

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