Understanding the functionality of power chairs

Picking a wheel chair that is electrically powered is a huge decision and commitment because it not only boost the morale for independence in the elderly but also grants them the freedom of movement. These power chairs are powered by rechargeable batteries and are easily maneuverable using a simple joystick and controller, and the wheel base is adapted based on the requirement to use indoors or outdoors.

The wheel size is the main determinant for indoor and outdoor electronic wheel chairs. A center-wheel electric wheelchairs are composed of large drive wheels placed in the center of the wheelchair, which allow for a convenient maneuvering inside homes due to the tight turning radius. Two caster wheels, also known as small wheels, are attached in pairs in the front and back of these wheelchairs, and they are fitted for all terrain types due to its stable positioning of wheels. Rear wheel wheelchairs are fitted with drive wheels at the back and caster wheels in the front wherein the rear wheels contribute towards speed and contribute towards stability for outdoor use. The location of drive wheels at the back contribute towards a larger turning radius and restricts tighter turns around corners.

While picking out a power chair, it is also essential to know the difference between them against power scooters and other electric chairs so that you can decide what the best mode of access is for the elderly individual. A power chair is essentially equipped with seat elevation and reclining options that helps an elderly individual to mount and unmounts without any due strain. Most of the navigations are button and joystick functions and each model has whole other levels of multifunctional use.

The traditional electric wheel chair is similar to a normal wheel chair that are built on batteries and simple function wherein the use is at most times restricted to a single position without the choice of shifting postures. The power scooters are for those with fully functional upper bodies, where the rider can mount a scooter and easily maneuver using a handlebar, runs with three wheels, and has a swivel seat.

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