Tips to buy good quality manual wheelchair

The wheelchair is an essential medical apparatus and plays a significant role in lives of people suffering from mobility issues or illnesses. Wheelchairs come in various types and sizes. Manual wheelchairs are the ones with most basic designs. Ever since its appearance in the market, it has been in huge demand and has been assisting people all over the world.

Manual Wheelchairs are a bit heavy but can be self-propelled by the occupant. They serve all the basic requirements of the occupants but do not provide much niche scale operations that come with a remote control like speed control and ease of movement.

This article describes a few points about Manual Wheelchairs that are available in the market.

Elemental Factors About Manual Wheelchairs

Since its arrival in the market, wheelchairs have been transformed in several ways – design, utility, functionality, features, etc. Power wheelchairs are a superior version of wheelchairs and have a large number of benefits as compared to Manual Wheelchairs. Even then, Manual Wheelchairs, with their own set of benefits, are widely used across homes, and hospitals and other institutions.

There is a large variety of designs of Manual Wheelchairs – from tilting chairs to heavy-duty wheelchairs or super light wheelchairs. A transport chair is a type of manual chair that is compact and very light in weight. However, some wheelchairs cannot be propelled by the occupant and require assistance.

Before buying these wheelchairs, please ponder upon the following considerations:

  • The size of the wheelchair
  • The time that you are going to spend in the chair.
  • How do you intend to use the wheelchair and on what terrain?
  • Do you want to carry it to other places?
  • What features do you require in a wheelchair?
  • You must make the purchase based on these requirements to select the appropriate wheelchair that adds to your assistance. It is advised that you first consult with the doctor or the therapist who has recommended the use of a wheelchair.

Varieties Of Manual Wheelchair

Some of the common varieties are:

  • Tilt in space
  • Standing
  • Pediatric
  • Heavy duty
  • Ultralight

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