Three-wheeled mobility scooters in the market

Mobility scooters are elderly-friendly aids for those with disabilities or for those who simply need a convenient vehicle to move around due to mobility issues. These scooters are also called as power scooters and are basically motorized systems that are powered by a battery and an electrical system, a handlebar to steer, and a seat to prop oneself on with ease. There are different types of mobility scooters available in the market – the most common types being: three-wheeled scooters and four-wheeled scooters. While both of them are almost similar in features, the difference in stability lies in the number of wheels. Three-wheeled scooters are a common choice among many who use the scooters indoors because of their easy maneuverability with their shorter turning radius. This makes the scooter feasible for any kind of home or lawn and pathways, and also for important outdoor spaces like supermarkets, zoo, etc.

While some scooters are both compact and lightweight coupled with optimum speeds, some other models are heavy built for durability and stance. The wheels fitted to determine the type of terrain accessible and the battery used determines the charge life. The choice of the scooter depends highly on the elderly individual and their individualistic needs.

The three common types of three-wheeled mobility scooters available in the market are:

  1. Three-wheeled indoor and outdoor scooters: These scooters are found to be durable both inside and outside the house and easily maneuverable across all terrains. The structure of this scooter is compactly built in order to ensure a sharp turning radius for narrow pathways, lifts, etc.
  2. Three-wheeled travel scooters: These mobility scooters help the elderly individuals to navigate through rough and narrow terrains and are built for easy portability where they can be efficiently dissembled and assembled for transportation or storage. However, the wheels usually stock fitted on the scooters are apt only for paved pathways.
  3. Three-wheeled heavy duty scooters: These scooters, as the name suggests, are built for elderly individuals built on the heavier side. These custom scooters have the regular features of any other scooter only with better weight capacity and speed features.

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