Things to consider before selecting a wheelchair rental service

Wheelchairs are a source of freedom and independence for those with limited or zero mobility. Wheelchairs help them to move around without round-the-clock help and support. But it can sometimes be a costly affair, and not everyone can afford to buy a new one.

For them, there are wheelchair rental agencies which render services as asked. But some things are there which you need to keep in mind while choosing one.

  • Occasion
    There are some agencies which rent out for a period, while some rent out on a daily basis. The agency which you choose should depend on the reason you are hiring one. If you need a wheelchair for a day’s outing or a social invitation you need to keep, go for the latter. If you need it for a vacation or your recovery period post-surgery, the first one is the obvious choice.
  • Authentication
    Since the matter in question is your health, you should not take any risks. Learn about the wheelchair rental company, its history, reputation, and any other detail you can come across before hiring your wheelchair from them. You can also take feedback from former and current customers of the organization.
  • Service of the rental agency
    Only hiring is not the end of the story; the service involved also counts. The agency should be responsive, helpful and answerable if there is any problem or if you have any query. Customer-unfriendly agencies are a big no-no.
  • The money factor
    Consider the rent wisely. In case of agencies which rent out for a day, check if the rent is on a per hour basis or fixed for a day. In case of former, do not use it longer than it is rented out for or you need to. In case of latter, you can accommodate many important errands and finish them in a day.

If you are ever in doubt while buying an electric wheelchair and feel indecisive about it, you can always go for an electric wheelchair rental and use it for few days to see if it is convenient and the right thing for you.

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