The history of scooter store

The scooter store was the largest provider of power mobility products in the nation including motorized wheel chairs or power chairs, mobility scooters and other related products. The company was incorporated in New Braunfels, Texas in 1991 and had served about 48 U.S. states in its time.

The company was found by Doug and Susanna Harrison. It was claimed by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services that medical necessity cannot be certified by the store’s own ‘certificate of medical necessity’. As a consequence, in 2003, a federal law suit was filed against the department of health & human services (HHS) by the scooter store for the wrongfully denied Medicare claims.

However, in 2007, it was agreed by the scooter store to settle the dispute with the government as they had already recovered majority of the claims that were in question. The Alliance Seating and Mobility (ASM) division was also founded by the company in 2007. The scooter store had spanned over 129 locations across the country by 2009 with about 2,368 people employed and had served a population which included greater than 400,000 customers.

The development of a new division which would focus on home care equipment, accessories, and many other services that would complement the traditional power mobility services of the company was announced in September of 2010. Manual wheel chairs, patient lifts, hospital beds, walkers, nebulizers, support surfaces and the provision of many other related accessories and oxygen equipment would have come under the division of home care.

An affiliation with Sun Capital Partners was announced by the scooter store in February, 2011 as a new strategic partnership. Doug Harrison, on March 22, 2012 stepped down as the CEO of the company and the board of directors began the search for a new leadership which landed at the door of Jay Randal Bishop temporarily till a new successor could be found. Harrison still holds the largest portion of stocks of the company and is still the member of the board of directors.

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