Some features of ultra lightweight wheelchairs you should know about

Available in Walmart chains and online on Amazon and similar merchandisers, and in medical supply stores countrywide, ultra lightweight wheelchairs are a practical addition to the list of mobility aids that are immensely valuable for seniors with walking disabilities or those affected by an illness that restricts their movement greatly. Whether it is for use inside homes, in toilets and showers, around neighborhoods, or for playing sports like tennis, ultra lightweight wheelchairs are the agilest to move around. Irrespective of whether they are self-propelled or pushed by caretakers, lightweight wheelchairs are less straining for continuous usage. Weighing between 14 pounds to 24 pounds approximately, the ultra-lightweight wheelchairs made of aluminum or steel have a holding capacity of up to 250 pounds. In heavy duty options that are available in these type of wheelchairs, the weight capacity can be extended up to 350 pounds.

While these types of wheelchairs have seat belts and wheel locks for the safety of the passenger, only some are equipped with hand brakes. All ultra lightweight wheelchairs can be back folded for easy storage and transport when necessary. Nylon upholstery makes cleaning a breeze, and thus the wheelchair can be hygienically maintained. Spacious height adjustable cushioned seats that have tapered or “V” front ends, cushioned calf pads, comfortable broad footrests that are elevated, removable hand rests, and quality tread high-performance tires are other features available on the ultralight wheelchairs.

The ultra lightweight wheelchairs on sale are often bought by seniors for different reasons. Some individuals capable of walking prefer to use wheelchairs for short trips around their house for easier movement when they get tired, while others confined to wheelchairs throughout the day find it easy to maneuver. Not very expensive and easy to assemble, the ultralight wheelchairs on sale can be folded or can be rigid and come in assorted colors. In addition to exploring the various brands of ultra lightweight wheelchairs already available, also remember these can be custom built too. Be sure to explore good price deals and look out for free shipping offers too.

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