Reasons why working out on a stair climber is a good idea

Why should you work out on a stair climber?
Has the idea of working out on never-ending escalators ever fascinated you? If yes, you are at the right place! The stair climber is a never-ending flight of stairs, something that is great to work out on because of its numerous health benefits.

What is a stair climber?
A stair climber can be considered as a mini escalator that constantly revolves and has a handrail to keep you stable. As you start the machine, the steps start moving so that you climb endless stairs on the spot. The good news is that you need not come down again when you exercise on a stair climber.

What kind of exercises can you perform on a stair climber?
The first and foremost exercise that you can perform on a stair climber is squats. Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and keep the pace of the machine low. Next, spring up onto the next step in a squat, bending your knee as you land on the next step. To maintain your balance, hold the handrail.
Next, you can try the one step–two step exercises. Climbing one step strengthens your thighs and leg muscles; climbing two steps brings you out of your comfort zone. To make the most of this exercise, try alternating between one and two steps at a time.
Want to challenge your own limits and set the bar high? Bet yourself with the crossover steps! Turn on the machine and start walking, but instead of placing the left leg after the right one, use the right leg itself and place it on the spot where the left leg should have landed. Repeat the same for the left leg. A great exercise for toning the hips and buttocks, remember to use the handrail for extra support.

There are much more exercises that you can choose to perform on a stair climber. Do not think of it as a not-so-traditional device to work out on; instead, reap the benefits it has to offer. Just ask your trainer to guide you on the effective use of it, and you will soon be rocking on the machine!

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