Popular types of power wheelchairs

When we talk about power wheelchairs, the options are numerous. Narrowing down on one would be a daunting task. You should choose a power chair that would enhance your lifestyle in the best possible way. This is a decision to be made with utmost care as it shall serve your purpose for many more years to come. So, here are some popular power wheelchairs to choose from.

Travel or portable wheelchairs
Such chairs are good to go in crowded places like stores, cruise ships, malls or apartments. Portability is not the only good thing about it. The travel or portable models can be dismantled by the removal of the base, battery pack, and seat. Most components are comparatively light but the heaviest components require some degree of lifting. Power wheelchairs can be used for a full-time purpose, combined with portability. They have seats which are adjustable and accept pressure management cushions, armrests which are fully covered and backrests which are fully supportive. For the purpose of easy transportation, such models easily fit into automobile trunks or cargo areas.

Heartway PF4 Rumba SF Electric Power Wheelchair
It has brakes which are self-generating. Casters with an anti-tip and injection molded plastic. The frame is totally of metal, makes the user independent and sports features like high agility and tight turn radius. A bit costly, it is wonderful for anyone as it can easily be dismantled for transportation purposes and with very little effort, can be reorganized at your destination. Even if this is your primary or secondary wheelchair, you can flaunt the mobility on the road.

Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair
This chair is more the traditional types and is basically a low profile power wheelchair. Folding facility results in easy loading and unloading into a car. It can travel up to 15 miles and is a lithium battery operated lightweight chair. This power wheelchair folds in just one step, making it easy to use for those always in a hurry and also for such people who do not have a very spacious vehicle. If you believe in fast locomotion, this chair is definitely one you should possess.

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