Popular benefits of using Riser chairs

The elderly are besieged by a host of health issues that hinders their mobility. The stiffness in the bones or weak legs can make sitting down or getting up from a chair a Herculean task indeed. That is where Riser chairs for the elderly prove to be very helpful.

What are Riser chairs?
An electrically powered armchair, riser chairs for the elderly offer an effortless change from a relaxed position to a standing posture and the other way round. For those of you who have arthritis, sciatica, spinal disorders, back pain, hip pain, varicose veins, swollen ankles, or edema, you will need assistance while using standard chairs. It’s best to buy yourself a riser chair which offers the following benefits.

Benefits of using Riser chairs
Varying sitting positions
Sitting in the same position is not only boring but can cause body aches as well. Unlike the standard chairs, riser chairs for the elderly allow you to change positions without having to get out of the chair. You can alter between positions and ensure that you’re comfortably seated.

Minimized risk of pressure sores
Lying down or sitting in the same position for long period of time leads to pressure sores, a painful condition with an accompanying risk of infection. Plus, these take a long time to heal causing great discomfort. With a riser recliner chair, you’ll be able to take off the pressure and thus prevent sores.

Better circulation
Being glued to the same position can hamper blood circulation in the limbs. A riser recliner chair helps to move your body and joints, thus enabling better overall circulation in the body. With a single touch of a button, you can settle in comfortable positions, thus preventing any cramps that could arise due to hampered circulation.

Offers support for movement
The elderly suffer from stiff joints, which makes it laborious for them to accomplish simple tasks like sitting and standing. They would need to look for assistance. The riser chairs are designed in such a way that all it needs is a simple button touch to lower and raise you safely.

Riser chairs are definitely a boon for the elderly, empowering them to live an independent life.

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