Points to consider when choosing Riser chairs for the elderly

As you grow older, you lose muscle strength and flexibility. You may need help while walking or even while in a seated position. Most people who are severely mobility impaired spend a lot of time sitting in a chair. This chair needs to be comfortable and easy to sit in and get off.

Riser recliner chairs
These chairs are designed to help the user into a reclining position or to get into a standing position to get off the chair. Riser chairs for the elderly have electrically powered motors that automatically put the chair in a lying down position to help the person rest for a while and gently lift the person off the chair when they need to get off the seat.

The chair is controlled using a single or double set of buttons. These buttons can be on a wired handset or mounted on the side of the chair, near the armrest for easy accessibility.

These chairs come in single or dual motor models. A single motor chair uses the same motor to control both the recline and lift mechanism. There is only one set of buttons that control the recline and lifting function. In a dual motor model, however, the chair has two motors, one that controls the recline operation and the other that controls the rise function.

These chairs range from the regular models designed for mobility and comfort to special chairs that provide posture support and pressure distribution. There are also bariatric Riser recliners designed for heavier persons.

They are generally designed for comfort and long use. However, you need to choose the chair based on the type of material used in the upholstery. Fabric upholstery is more yielding and can withstand long use.

You should choose your Riser recliner chairs carefully. Ensure that the seating, backrest, and upholstery are soft. Test the chair to make sure that the recliner and Riser functions ease the person gently into a lying down or stand up position. Riser chairs for the elderly make a senior feel more independent and help them retain their mobility despite their disabling conditions. However, you need to buy a chair that is comfortable, sturdy, and reliable for long and safe use.

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