Picking the right power chair for elderly people

The elderly individuals with restricted mobility but who still want the freedom of movement without having to push a traditional wheelchair can choose a modern one with motors. These famous modern gadgets known as power chairs are user friendly as they require only minimal effort from your fingers to get you moving around.

Based on your requirements and the wide range of choices available in the market, it is advisable to factor in all the potential requirements before investing in the right wheelchair, since it is going to be your mobility companion for a long time.

Some of the essential factors to note are:

  • Size: The power chairs are available in a wide array of sizes and are specifically designed to fit through hallways and doors. They are also sized in terms of body size for a proper snuggly fit. Picking the right one, especially if you commonly access narrow pathways, so that your moving space is not restricted, and also pick the right seat size and don’t pick a size too small or too big.
  • Battery: The heart of your wheel chair is the battery, and therefore it is important to pick one that covers your required distance. Ideally a single charge renders about 10-25 miles based on the size of your chair, the terrain, and the body mass. Picking one with lasting battery life is the best investment one can make in a power chair.
  • Weight capacity: Most people just buy powered chairs based on recommendation and fail to check if it fits their needs. If you’re an elderly person who is slightly on the heavier side, then picking one that supports your weight is essential as the weight capacity of these powered chairs have a direct effect on its functionality.
  • Ease of use: This is the primary factor that an elderly individual would have to check for because movement should be set with a set of simple buttons rather than a large play panel that required strenuous effort for maneuvering.

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