Important things to consider while buying wheelchair parts

If you, one of your family members or a friend uses a wheelchair, then you should be well aware of these assistance vehicles. This can help you make the right choice if you are planning to buy one.
At the same time, knowing about the different parts of the wheelchair makes its maintenance and replacement process easier.

A large variety of wheelchairs spares are available in the market. The wheelchair you pick depends upon the user’s body type and performance requirements.

  • Wheelchair wheels
    The wheelchair’s wheels are as important as the frame of the wheelchair. The wider the wheels are, the more traction they can offer. But for a higher pushing efficiency, thinner wheels are more suitable.
  • Wheelchair tires
    A wide variety of wheelchair tires are available with different benefits. The selection of tires is often subject to an individual’s usage.Street tires meet the requirements for everyday usage. If you choose to go for street tires, you’ll usually have a choice between smooth tread tires, and knobby tread tires. Smooth tread tires offer the least friction. There are even all-terrain tires that work on a range of surfaces and have a higher braking power.
  • Wheelchair casters
    The wheelchair casters are another common customizable option in wheelchair replacement parts. Wheelchair casters are the smaller wheels which are in the front of the wheelchair. The casters are essential for making turns while using the wheelchair. Casters also provide extra stability to the wheelchair. When one uses a wheelchair, casters offer clearance when at sides of streets. These make it easier for one to get through the ground that has foliage or snow. Some of the most common sizes in which casters are available are 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″ and 8″. The right casters will also ensure superior shock absorption for the wheelchair and protect the body.

A proper functioning wheelchair makes life much easier for the user. You should consider investing in good wheelchair replacement parts for you or your loved one. You can browse through an entire range of wheelchairs and wheelchair parts online. Consult a doctor before you buy your wheelchair replacement parts.

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