How to solve the common problems associated with power wheelchairs

Sometimes, being the proud owner of a power wheelchair can be troublesome as well. There are certain simple silly issues which do not require a technician but simply proper knowledge of wheelchair operations. Suppose we take the joystick into consideration. One wrong hit of a key and the entire joystick activity becomes worthless.

  • Beep codes: To use any product to its fullest, one essential thing is to read its user manual properly. Beep codes are very important as they shall inform you if something is wrong with the power wheelchair. Otherwise, you shall waste all your time in wondering why the wheelchair is making unfamiliar sounds!
  • Freewheel lever: In case of most power wheelchairs, when it comes to the electronic braking system, users can manually disconnect to it. This is worthy for users who want to drive the scooter manually or when the batteries run out of power. For the scooter to operate, this freewheel lever should be in the locked position. In order to lock, the lever has to be located behind the scooter and adjusted till the wheels are locked or unlocked. If the lever is unlocked, then you will not be able to use the motor to move your scooter or wheelchair.
  • Joystick problems: If you hit the power button twice by mistake, a sequential code is performed and the joysticks tend to become locked. Even holding the power button down for a few seconds, can trigger the locking of the joystick. So, it is really important to read your user manual thoroughly and not spend large amounts on a technician for a silly problem which could be solved by yourself.
  • Right technician: If you feel that despite all your efforts to find the right solution to your problem, you are unable to do handle the scooter on your own, then call a technician. The best way out shall be to visit the manufacturer website and look for a certified technician. Many of the websites have a service provider locater where after entering the zip code, a certified technician can be found to service your product.

With the right mindset, the solution to any wheelchair problem can be definitely found!

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