How to charge your mobility scooter batteries right

Regular maintenance and service are constantly required to keep your mobility scooters running without wearing out the motors or the battery. Seniors who have restricted movements are dependent on these mobility scooters, and learning how to maintain them is also essential to being able to get the best out of the scooter. Taking care of a mobility scooter’s battery is essential from the beginning because it is the basic power unit of the scooter. Proper maintenance even while charging ensures that the life of the battery lasts longer without degrading erratically.

Some pointers to remember when taking care of the mobility scooter’s battery are as follows:

  • Charge it right: When charging the battery whether it’s the first time or the subsequent innumerable number of times, ensure that it is charged for the full 12-hour cycle so that the batter would be able to maximize its power output. Even if the scooter has been used sparingly, charging for full 12 hours is the key to better battery management. Sometimes people just plug it in and take it out before the full 12-hour charge cycle is completed. This can cause a degradation in the battery’s performance with the onset of time, and eventually, the battery will become unstable for storing the right amount of power. Even if the charging light indicator turns green in most cases, it does not mean that the charge is full.
  • Charge it right when in storage: Most of the time, when a mobility scooter is in storage, users tend to charge 24 hours the first time around, and they tend to flash charge when they feel like it or completely ignore it. It is essential to charge it for the full 24-hours over a regular interval of 14-days so that the life of the battery is not lost when unused.

Most common failures of battery life in mobility scooters are due to improper charging and this can tend to have an adverse effect on the exclusive warranty on these batteries.

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