How can you get free diabetic supplies

Keeping diabetes under control has turned out to be an expensive deal for patients. People without medical insurance find it very difficult to cope up with the costly medications which include at least one dose of medicine daily along with the glucose testing strips and glucose meter. There are some insurance companies, medical centers and state programs that provide free or low-cost meters, strips, and medicines. One can contact the programs to know more about the process to avail affordable or free medications.

  • Affordable¬†medical insurance
    Enrolling in an insurance plan is always the safest option. There are several insurance policies available, and you can obtain one, after researching the requirements for the same. Some policies can be costly, and in addition to already high diabetic costs, it might be difficult. But once an affordable insurance policy is obtained, one can get access to free diabetic supplies or avail exemptions for essential medications. For instance, the elderly can consider Medicare, a federal insurance program to cover their costs for regular blood tests, insulin supplies, meters, and pumps.
  • Free programs
    A few pharmaceutical programs are available which help the patients with free diabetic supplies according to the patient’s age, income, job profile and other relevant factors.
  • Free health clinics
    Look around for free medical health clinics that offer checkups and medications. Although, there might be a long waiting time in such clinics, as it attracts a huge crowd due to its cost-effective approach. If you are patient enough, then free health clinics can easily help you get free medications and other similar products.

And yes, the best way to reduce the trips to the doctor and getting minimum medications is to manage your diabetes. Educate yourself and others who are suffering and understand the disease. Alter your eating habits and make necessary lifestyle changes such as exercising and ditching practices such as smoking, alcohol, etc.

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