High-tech accessories for your small power wheelchair

A small power wheelchair is a wheelchair mounted on a power engine powered by batteries. You can find these small power wheelchairs according to your choice and preference. These wheelchairs are built delicately and need to be maintained properly. The batteries are rechargeable via electricity. These wheelchairs come handy for seniors and those who have sustained short-term or long-term injuries. These wheelchairs make mobility easier and faster.

High-tech accessories for your small power wheelchair
What’s the point of having a vehicle and no accessories to go with them? And what’s the point of living in a technologically-advanced era? Here are a few high-tech accessories for your small power wheelchair:

Robotic arm: The robotic arm is a three-fingered arm which can be easily attached to your wheelchair. This robotic arm is capable of lifting a glass of water, helping you drink beverages and even helps you in eating a meal. The robotic arm is specifically designed to perform specific activities and can help people with disabilities.
Phone mount: These days, almost everybody relies on their phone. A phone is more than a mere communication device; it helps you find directions and keeps you company. Going out without a phone in today’s time would feel like a disaster. Which is why a phone mount has been developed even for wheelchairs. You can simply rest your phone on the mounting plate next to your controls for the vehicle.
Headlights: This device was long overdue for power wheelchairs. With headlights for your wheelchair, you can easily commute even in darkness. The headlights will illuminate the path as it does with other vehicles. These lights can be adjusted near the leg rest for best results.
Wheelchair tray: This is one of the essential accessories everyone with a wheelchair should own. A wheelchair tray makes it easy for you to store things, lets you work on the tray, and even eat on the tray.

There are many amazing high-tech accessories available for a small power wheelchair.

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