Here’s what you need to know about ultra lightweight titanium wheelchairs

Mobility aids are a boon for seniors who are faced with restricted movements because of ailments or deformities. Wheelchairs are one of the many useful inventions that give people with mobility issues the freedom to move around. The constant improvements made in wheelchairs show the demand for such apparatus by a large number of people.

Wheelchairs are made of durable aluminum to make it lighter than steel. When wheelchairs have to be used all through the day, those that weigh lesser are preferred for their ease of use because whether they are self-propelled, or moved by attendants, these put less strain on the people doing it. To increase the lightness of wheelchairs, it is now being made in ultra-lightweight materials like aerospace-grade titanium that is even lighter, weighing only half that of aluminum. Apart from being customizable, these are convenient to fold and transport too. The ultra lightweight wheelchairs cause lesser vibrations even on rough, uneven surfaces, thus making it a more comfortable ride for seniors using it. The titanium used in ultra lightweight wheelchairs are extremely strong and tenacious and is long lasting.

Weighing around 10 lbs, the seating capacity of the ultra lightweight wheelchairs is a solid 265 lbs. These titanium-framed wheelchairs are on sale for anywhere between $1000 to $4000. The variations available in the choice of wheelchairs, the materials used, the comfort features offered, and the modifications that can be made, are endless. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are available for sale in folding and non-folding styles. They can be with or without armrests, in varying seat depths and heights with options of 4”-10”. They can have ergonomic seats, with adjustable or fixed height backrests and broad footrests. There can be quick release axles, in a variety of rear-wheel sizes and models of tires and an array of half a dozen colors. Side guards, cushions, velcro adjustable calf straps, seat belts and many other accessories for the safety and comfort of a senior person can be added to an ultra lightweight wheelchair.

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