Here’s what you need to know about electric wheelchairs

For elders who have mobility issues, a wheelchair is useful. Whether it is to move around a single story house or to climb stairs, an electric wheelchair that is driven by an electric motor is the best option. Depending on whether the electric wheelchair is going to be used indoors, or outdoors, the most appropriate one can be either bought new or from a used wheelchair company.

There are portable electric wheelchairs in a variety of color options that have small turning radiuses for easy maneuverability. Being lightweight yet durable they are easy to transport even in the trunk of cars. Made to suit people of different weights and body types comfortably, there are electric wheelchairs with a host of safety features. Solid wheels, stable footrests, and constructed from very durable materials, electric wheelchairs are easy to use and reliable. Comfortable reclinable cushioned seats and hand rests, tilted footrests, ramps and lifts and covers to protect them from theft or the elements, all these can be controlled with the simple movement of joysticks. There are extra accessories that can be attached to electric wheelchairs to make them comfortable and stylish like seat lifts, trays, gloves, cup and cane holders, bags, and baskets, seat and back cushions, the range of products is wide.

Moving at slow speeds that match a normal person’s walking pace on foot, the electric wheelchair helps seniors to be socially active too. Being restricted to bed can make them physically, and more importantly, mentally sick. The unrestrained movement helps in quickening the recovery process of diseases. The prices of electric wheelchairs sold online ranges anywhere between $1500 and $35,000 for both used and new electric wheelchairs depending on their condition and features. Normally, used equipment is thoroughly checked and tested, and repairs and replacements are done before these are sold to the end user. Some retailers even offer free shipping and a good warranty on the products they sell as a bonus to customers.

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