Guidelines before buying a medical equipment walker

Many people with disabilities, whether of a temporary nature or more permanent, often require the assistance of medical equipment, walkers, canes and so on as these can greatly ease their mobility and offer considerable enhancement of the quality of life. When it comes to choosing a medical walker that is especially suited for one’s own or a loved one’s requirements, it would be wise to consider the different types of medical equipment walkers currently available and chose a medical walker appropriately.

The two basic models of medical walkers are the ones that do not have wheels and need to be lifted and placed on each step and the wheeled ones that can be rolled along as you walk. If you wish to opt for the wheeled ones, ensure that you can handle the rolling of the wheels. If your walking speed is slower than the speed of the wheels, there may be a chance of falling.

In general, it is advisable to opt for a medical walker that is lightweight and yet durable, for ease of maneuvering. You also get medical walkers that can be neatly folded for travel. To ensure that you are comfortable when walking, do check whether your medical walker has height adjustment features. This is important so that you don’t put unnecessary strain on your lower limbs when you walk.

Many medical equipment walkers, known as rollators, now also feature a seat so that you have the option of deciding if you would prefer to walk or would rather be pushed by an assistant. Other rollator models also come with simple inbuilt baskets or storage mechanisms for the elderly who may need to shop on their own. While buying any medical equipment as a walking aid, ensure that you can handle the weight and can apply the brakes on the wheels when necessary.

Since there are many manufacturers of medical equipment walkers offering a variety of features, including special customization on request, take the time to make a thorough comparison before narrowing down on the product you wish to buy.

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