Get The Best Scooters For Sale

Get The Best Scooters For Sale

Buying scooters is a tedious task considering the number of option, specifications, and price range you need to consider before making a decision. It is easier to buy one when you have your requirements clear and prioritized. Here are few options you could consider before you buy scooters for sale:

TAOTAO Hellcat

This is a 125cc motorcycle bike. The latest version released in 2017 has 12-inch tires. It is an air-cooled single-cylinder bike with a four-stroke engine. Electronic ignition and hydraulic disc brakes make it a complete package at a very inexpensive price.

Vitacci Road Master

This one comes from the brand Vitacci and is a more powerful bike with a 150cc engine. It has other extra features like mp3 and radio players. It also has LED lights for night driving. It has a four stroke engine with a single cylinder that is air cooled. It also has disc brakes and both kick and electric ignition.

Vitacci Phantom

This one is again a 150cc Scooter from Vitacci. This too has media playing facilities. It has a fun and peppy look to it and comes in bright colors. All its basic specification are same as its 125cc counterpart.

Pro TT PowerMax

A powerful 150cc Scooter having large 12-inch tires. It has aluminum rims around the tires, supporting a simplistic 50cc body. It has a stylish look and comes in attractive colors. It has a CVT fully automatic engine that is air cooled. It comes with hydraulic ABS disc brakes that make the scooter good for city driving as well. It has a dual rear hydraulic spring rendering great suspension and comfort to the rider.

Ice Bear Fuerza

This one is a decent 125cc motorcycle bike. With slightly larger rear tires, this scooter has a sporty look. It has a single cylinder, four stroke engine powering it. Disc brakes are provided for both tires. It has good suspension and all basic features that a scooter requires.

Before buying cheap scooters, make sure you find all the specifications that matter to you. It depends on your requirement and the area that you intend to drive it in.

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