Few advantages of using a titanium wheelchair

A wheelchair can be a great boon to the elderly, who have restricted mobility owing to various health issues. There are a large number of wheelchair manufacturers in the US and several models of wheelchairs that are available. The most commonly used materials in the construction of wheelchairs are aluminum, steel, and titanium. In recent times, titanium wheelchairs are gaining popularity. While aluminum weighs less than titanium, when manufacturing light-weight wheelchairs, owing to the denser nature of titanium when compared to aluminum, lesser quantities of the metal need to be used. It is for this reason primarily that titanium wheelchairs can be made to weigh less than their aluminum counterparts.

There are also other benefits to using titanium wheelchairs. For one, the durability of the metal is very high, and hence, titanium wheelchairs tend to last longer. However, on the flip side, titanium costs more than aluminum, and hence, the cost of a titanium wheelchair is bound to be far higher than that of an aluminum wheelchair. Also, in comparison to steel as the material used, titanium wheelchairs do prove to be more durable. They are also resistant to rust and corrosion. Furthermore, steel wheelchairs tend to be heavy, and it can prove to be a bit of a challenge to heft or stow them away when necessary.

Titanium as a metal also has another important quality. It can absorb or dampen vibrations, thus making its shock absorbing capabilities much better. As a consequence, titanium wheelchairs are also likely to offer their users a far smoother riding experience.

Nowadays, wheelchair manufacturers are researching into making wheelchairs lighter and more durable while also enhancing ease of maneuvering. Wheelchairs are available for as less as a hundred dollars, most people with permanent disabilities may require more customized or specific wheelchair models. The higher end titanium wheelchairs that are valued for durability and riding comfort may cost upwards of $1500, with highly customized wheelchairs costing even as much as $15,000.

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