Easy movement with transport chairs

If you are facing a problem of mobility then a transport chair is just the right thing for you. A transport chair is similar to a wheelchair, just that it cannot be self-propelled. You will need another person who can push the chair from behind so that you can enjoy mobility. There are certain differences in the designs of a transport chair and a wheelchair.

A transport chair happens to be smaller and lighter as compared to a wheelchair, and it has smaller wheels which cannot be self-controlled. If you feel that the design of a wheelchair is too heavy and uncomfortable for you then a transport chair is the right choice for you.

Specifications of transport chairs:

Whenever you decide to buy a transport chair you must check for the following specifications for a standard good quality product.

  • A transport chair is made out of aluminum or steel to keep it lightweight.
  • These chairs have a weight capacity of 250 lb.
  • All the four wheels are of a size of 8 inches.
  • The pair wheels in the front can swivel so that you can maneuver them easily.
  • The rear wheels cannot be swiveled and have been provided with brakes for better functionality making it stable for occupants to sit or get up from the chair easily.
  • The seat dimensions of the transport chairs are usually within the range of 16 inches x 17 inches or even 16 inches x 19 inches.

Things to remember when buying a transport chair:

You can feel that if you do have a wheelchair, then what good will a transport chair do in addition? Well please consider the following aspects before buying a transport chair, so that you get your money’s worth.

  • Transport chairs are portable if you are planning to go out for an outing. It can be folded and carried in a car. This helps to explain their usability in addition to a wheelchair.
  • Choose the correct size for optimum benefit
  • If you are planning to use the transport chair for long hours then you must use wheelchair backrests and cushion seats for extra comfort
  • These transport chairs are provided in an assembled ready to use manner. There is no need to use any tools on them. You can get them in retail outlets and also different online shopping portals.

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