Best selling strapless heart rate monitors

As one grows older, concerns regarding the heart rates measures rise and cause worry for fear of cardio-related diseases. Elderly individuals who growth a health conscience as well as those who have been diagnosed with other conditions choose to buy strapless heart rate monitors so that they can keep constant tabs on their normal heart rate as well monitor any sudden rise or falls. Some of the best-selling strapless heart rate monitors are:

  • Fitbit Blaze smart fitness tracker: Prices at around $200, this Fitbit product give you an accurate heart rate reading as well as features a simple display with heart rate zone alarms. This product is easy to sync with smart phones and has been rated a best-selling hit among all age groups due to its stylish design and functioning.
  • Polar FT4: This model is priced at $51.91, and is an accurate heart monitor along with additional options like calorie monitoring. The monitor also has an addition chest strap built on quality soft fabric for monitoring longer durations. The monitor is water-resistant as well as has a good battery life.
  • MIO Alpha I: This is priced at approximately $78 and is equipped with a detailed screen display which calculates the heart rate round the clock. Comprising of advanced features for fitness training and optimized workout programs, this model is highly updated with smartphone connectivity via the Bluetooth.
  • Omron HR-100CN: This model is an economical purchase for those elderly individuals who are looking for the most accurate heart monitoring tool with in-depth display of time statistics, workout programs, and calories burned counter. This device has a 100ft signal range and does not lose transmission easily.
  • Scosche Rhythm: This heart rate monitor is priced at around $80 and is an accurate tracker for fitness. The LCD display projects the pace, heart rate, distance, calories burned, etc, and is easily compatible with various smartphone fitness apps such as Strava, MapMyFitness, DigiFit Run Keeper, etc. Equipped with wireless connectivity for data transmission, the monitor has an uninterrupted life of up to 8 hours.

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