Best exercises for sciatic nerve pain relief

Sciatic nerve pain can be a quite distressing condition. In this situation, even basic movements can become excruciatingly painful and can affect areas such as legs, hips or lower back. Sciatic nerve pain occurs when you sit in one position for a very long time. Exercising and being active is one of the best ways to manage the discomfort and to achieve quick sciatic nerve pain relief.

Effective exercises for pain management
Regular stretching and yoga have been known to bring sciatic nerve pain relief immediately. Some of the useful yoga postures you can try are –

  • Reclining pigeon
  • Sitting spinal stretch
  • Sitting pigeon
  • Forward pigeon
  • Knee to opposite shoulder
  • Standing hamstring stretch

If you take a careful look at all above-mentioned exercises postures and patterns, you will realize that all these are aiming to stretch the upper thigh area, the back muscles, the lower back portions, and the calf muscles. The stretches and the flexing intend to increase blood circulation and oxygen flow to these muscles to minimize pain and encourage movement.

Most fitness and medical professionals advise that to attain sciatic nerve pain relief, you must abstain from sitting on the floor. Again you must not sit at one place for a very long stretch – the idea is to be on the move.

Practice moderation
Do not overdo the exercises. Please be cautious while you are doing the workouts. If you experience discomfort in any of the nerves of the body, then you must stop immediately. It is advised that you take rest and seek an expert’s counsel to understand other alternatives for sciatic nerve pain relief.

Even while you are walking at regular intervals, do not move about if you feel uncomfortable. It can do more harm than good. Get plenty of rest, and manage stress levels by eating well.

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