Benefits of working out on a stair climber

Does the idea of climbing stairs put you off? Are you among those who regularly take the elevators? If so, you potentially are in the dark about the health benefits of climbing stairs. Read on to know more about the stunning results of working out on a stair climber:

It positively conditions the cardiovascular system
Every step you take helps the oxygen-rich blood to reach the various working muscles, thereby improving your overall cardiovascular system. An improved heart-rate is the consequent result of the activity.

It helps build strong muscles
Regularly taking on the stair climber enables you to burn fat, tone the abs, thighs, calf, butt, and also strengthens the lower body. Along with this, it has a huge positive impact on the lungs and the kidneys.

It results in a greater calorie loss
Because you work against the gravity when climbing stairs, you end up spending more energy in the process, thus making your body work harder and burn more calories.

It boosts your stamina and endurance
Very crucial for people having a sedentary lifestyle, regularly ascending the stairs helps to build stamina and endurance levels, thus obviating any serious health complications in the future.

It is the cheapest form of exercising
Stair climbing doesn’t require you to spend a single penny; all you need is a flight of stairs to climb! To maximize the results of the regime, combine the exercise with skipping, walking, and weight training.

It increases the core-strength of the bones
Because it requires a lot of energy and efforts, you end up giving a fine shape to your bones and muscles, thereby elevating the core-strength and the density of the bones.

It is a low impact work out
While some other forms of exercising tremendously affect the other body parts, working out on a stair climber is very safe as it is gentle on the knees, ankles, and back.

It generates happy hormones
After a brisk 30 minutes of stair climbing, your body releases endorphins, a form of feel-good hormones. As a result, you feel positive and really happy with your own self!

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