All you need to know about lightweight wheelchairs

A lightweight transport wheelchair will attract you the most as it takes care of the needs of both men and women. Your comfort is given prime importance. The design is unique and everlasting, it can be folded within seconds, and its movement inside and outside of vehicles becomes smooth because of its ultra-lightweight frame.

When you compare a standard wheelchair with a lightweight wheelchair, many people prefer the standard wheelchair because it can be more relied upon and is strong as well. But a fair comparison of the two is required before any conclusion can be derived. This will help you realize that the benefits of a lightweight wheelchair are far greater than a standard one. Let us start with comparing the weight of the two chairs. This is the main factor separating the two kinds of chairs. The making of a lightweight wheelchair requires aluminum or titanium and is easy to move around in and can be transported everywhere.

But standard wheelchairs, on the other hand, can be very heavy and hence make the process of locomotion difficult. Their heavy weight makes it a pain for people to use them. The upper body strength is utilized a lot which many people do not possess. Now if we talk about movement, then it is an integral part of the wheelchair as people treat it as their legs which shall help them in moving around their home and other places. Lightweight chairs are small ones, and their tiny wheels make their swiveling in various directions possible easily.

Sharp corners are taken care of and so is entering into small sores. But if we talk about standard wheelchairs, the wheels are in a fixed position, and the overall weight makes the movement of everything difficult unless it is to be in a straight line. The ultra-weight model of wheelchairs has an integrated seating system. The seating system is so innovative that the seat upholstery can be removed for cleaning purpose. A non-slippery footplate gives you a base which is comfortable for placing your feet.

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