Advantages of a lightweight wheelchair

The lightweight transport wheelchair features like easy to fold with a range of various widths and different colors are attractive as well as the fact that the ability to propel the transport wheelchair is not required, makes the transit style of the wheelchair perfect.

A lightweight wheelchair in daily life offers various advantages such as supplying mobility and by speeding up daily chores. Their weight also ranges from 9 kg to 14 kg which is a comfortable weight for many activities such as lifting and transportation activities as compared to a 20 kg regular chair. The lightweight aluminum makes folding it an easy task. The design is also such that space is preserved and put into a contact compartment inside the vehicle, making the transportation process quicker and stress-free on the body. Lightweight chairs can be stored just in any place. They can be easily kept under a bed or couch even. Even for all such purposes which shall require the use of a wheelchair such as doctor’s appointments or other outings, a lightweight wheelchair is the best. Durable medical equipment providers keep them for sale.

These wheelchairs are within your budget and payment plans are also available. If it is difficult for you to pay from your pocket, then insurance is also an option. It is a known fact that most wheelchairs are covered by a physician’s prescribed plan. If you are having trouble with locomotion, then contact your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment to look at your issues and get relief with the help of a lightweight wheelchair. Adjustable frames are a feature of lightweight wheelchairs helping to achieve several seating positions. They also possess desk length armrests which allow the users to sit closer to a desk or table. When it comes to full-length armrests, complete support is provided to the arms.

Removable swing away footrests result in the task of secure transfer and support to the legs is also granted while the user is seated. However, raising or lowering of the swing away footrest is denied. Calf pads lift each leg and also provide support to any preferable position you like.

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