A few common knee braces you should know about

Knee pain is a common problem faced by seniors due to the wear and tear of the joints that develops over time. The most common form of relief product that aids in knee pain is a support brace, which provides various levels of support that aid in giving comfort to the knee. The primary question to start with while picking a knee brace is to know what level of support is needed for the knee to ease the pain and not restrict movement at the same time. Knee support braces are available in various sizes, and these products are made of different materials and models to fit every elderly individual’s needs.

As a knee pain relief product, knee braces are available in four support levels, each of which is specifically designed to suit different pain levels.

  • Basic level: The basic level brace is for those who need only a minimal amount of compression for a shorter duration of time or just at regular intervals of heavy movement. They provide a snuggled fit and also are made of comfortable fabric that helps to retain the heat from movement and promote healing as well.
  • Advanced level: The advanced level brace support is best suited for seniors who suffer from a constant moderate amount of pain that restricts their fluid movement. While these are similar to the basic level knee braces, they help in reducing the wear and tear of the kneecap and help with patella tracking which will aid to reduce the pressure at the kneecap or bursa. These types of knee braces are best suited for seniors who have had quite a hard time with their knees.
  • Elite knee braces: Seniors who face severe knee pain and have very restricted movements can opt for elite knee braces which go further than the basic knee support. These knee pain relief products have side hinges which support the knee from the sides and at the same time restricts the kneecap from being overly flexible.

Choosing the best brace is crucial to aid with knee pain relief.

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