9 popular Pride power wheelchairs to choose from

The 21st century marks the peak of the advancement of human technology. This means that it is not just easier to travel into space, but these advancements also make your daily life much easier. One such technological advancement is the power wheelchair or Power Chairs. These are motorized wheelchairs that allow the user to be mobile without any manual effort by incorporating batteries and electric motors that can be controlled using a joystick. Though these power wheelchairs are considerably heavier than the manually operated ones, the freedom and ease of movement they provide make up for it.

The best of power wheelchairs
One of the most reputed power wheelchair manufacturers is Pride Mobility Products Corporation. Pride power wheelchairs have established themselves as frontrunners of the industry with their knowledge and expertise, ranging over decades. A brief description of some of their products have been mentioned below, displaying their technological advancements and factors that keep the ease of the user as the top priority:
Jazzy® Air: This is one of the pride power wheelchairs that has the feature of being able to elevate the user to a normal standing height.

Go-Chair: With added storage space and easy disassembly and assembly, this Pride power wheelchair is just the one to carry on-the-go.

Jazzy® Select 6: With 6 wheels, this Pride power wheelchair provides excellent maneuverability.

Jazzy® Elite ES: The Jazzy Elite ES Pride Power wheelchair provides a front wheel drive that makes it easier to transition over different terrains.

Jazzy® Select Elite: This Pride power wheelchair comes with an adjustable foot platform and also the Jazzy Armor, which protects from daily wear and tear.

Jazzy® 600 ES: The patented Mid-wheel 6® technology and Activ Trax® technology along with large 14” mid wheels enhances this Pride Power wheelchair’s comfort and performance.

Jazzy® Elite HD: When it comes to tight maneuverability indoors, this Pride power wheelchair stands apart from the crowd and is extremely reliable.

Jazzy® 614 HD: With 6-inch casters and patented Activ Trax® ATX suspension, this Pride power wheelchair is just what you need for the outdoors.

Jazzy® Elite ES Portable: For those with an active lifestyle, this Pride power wheelchair disassembles into 5 convenient pieces and is just perfect for the person on the move.

In addition to these, some other popular Pride power wheelchairs include:
– Jazzy® Elite 14
– Jazzy® 1450
– Jazzy® Elite ES-1
– Jazzy® Sport 2
– Jazzy® Sport Portable

With this abundance of variety, along with their assurance of quality products for decades, Pride power wheelchairs are easily your best and favorite choice.

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