7 safety tips when using a small power wheelchair

What are small power wheelchairs?
Small power wheelchairs basically run on batteries. These small power wheelchairs are those wheelchairs which have a small framed wheelchair fixed on an engine. This engine is powered is powered by batteries. Depending upon the size, wheelchairs can have one or more than one batteries. A small power wheelchair is usually made in such a manner that it can travel short distances. Also, the power wheelchair will only move at a given speed. These wheelchairs are quite delicate.

7 safety tips when using small power wheelchairs
Since a small power wheelchair is delicate, there are a few things to keep in mind while using these wheelchairs:
Understand the working of the freewheel lever: The freewheel lever is a feature provided in most of the power wheelchairs, small or huge, electric or manual. This lever allows the user to stop the wheelchair in case batteries run out. Find the freewheel lever and get in locked position. If it is in the unlocked position, you won’t be able to move your vehicle.
New batteries should be charged to the fullest: If you’re using a battery-operated wheelchair, charge them overnight and charge them until full. This will reduce the chances of the battery running out while you’re out.
Have a good technician: Most vehicles are typical to handle. Often there is nothing much you can do. For this, you need to find a good technician who can solve your issues easily.
Steering: You should regularly maintain and tune your steering. A minor distortion can create a huge problem for the user.
Maintain your brakes: The brakes should be maintained regularly to avoid brake failure. You can also oil the axels and other important parts for the smooth running of the vehicle.
Wheels and wheel alignment: Wheels are an essential part of a vehicle. It is important to understand that the wheels also need some tuning. Check for wheels and wheel alignment issues regularly.
Remember to notice even the slightest of disturbance: Sometimes, there isn’t an apparent disturbance. However, keep a lookout for signs and sounds. This could tell you a lot about your vehicle’s present condition and what may be wrong with it.

Tips to handle a small power wheelchair isn’t much different from what you would get for any other motor vehicle.

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