5 basic parts of your mobility scooter you should know about

The life of mobility scooters depends on the overall maintenance. For seniors who use mobility scooters, it is essential to understand the scooter and its functions and to keep track of any glitches that may crop up at times. A simple lag in the scooter due to under-inflated tires can burn out the battery and engine. These lags are not hard to detect because there might be some whirring sound or imbalance. It is necessary to know the parts of the mobility scooter in order to be thorough with the maintenance. Here are a few basic parts of mobility scooters and their respective functions you should know about:

  • Controller: This is device controls the distribution of power to the scooter’s electrical components through the battery. One has to ensure that when replacing the controller of the electric scooter, it is the appropriate voltage as suggested by the owner’s manual or manufacturer details.
  • Drivetrain: This is the combination of both the motor and the transaxle and can be distinguished in some cases.
  • Electronic speed control: Using this controller, a person can vary the speed of movement on the scooter. It also serves as a break, routed around an electronic circuit board.
  • Circuit breaker: This component that measures the amount of energy drawn from the battery when the electric scooter is in use and will act as a tripper and cut the functions of the mobility scooter in case of any heavy strain or overpower drawing from the batteries. This tripper will enable to save the intricate electric components of the scooter from burning out and running the motor.
  • Motor and electronics: The motor is the main component covered under warranty, and the other parts which aid in the functioning of the motor and are subject to everyday wear and tear are precluded from warranty. The electronic components consisting of the charger and controllers are all covered under warranty except when there is physical damage.

Knowing these basics parts can provide a fair idea of how a mobility scooter functions and a problem in any of these can easily be detected by a user easily.

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