4 top-selling dressing sticks for people with arthritis

Choosing a dressing stick is a wise choice for being independent in dressing oneself, especially when the person has arthritis. These top-selling tools have been popular due to their durability, weightlessness, and uncomplicated handling methods.

  • RMS Dressing stick: This 28” stick is priced at around $13 and is the best user-friendly companion for both putting on and taking off clothes. It’s a solid, well-made, multi-purpose device that is designed exquisitely by healthcare professionals and has a vinyl coated hook and a “c” at the opposite ends. Its aids efficiently for those who have trouble bending, and is best suited for simple use.
  • Ableware Dressing stick: This dressing stick is a good value for the price and carries on its aiding duties efficiently. Made by Maddak Inc., this multi-purpose tool contains a combination of hook/pusher that supports wearing of shirts, jackets, slacks, skirts, or even removing socks, and has a smaller hook at the opposite end to help with the zippers or shoelace loops. This 24” dressing stick is priced at just about $10.
  • Mohawk dressing stick: This economical dressing stick, priced at about $10 and a deluxe model at around $15, is offered by Mohawk USA. It aids well as both a dressing stick and sock aid. While it’s just about 26” long and weighs under 5oz, consists of a push/pull hook at one end and a “c” hook at the other end. The difference between the economy and deluxe model is the presence of a foam grip that is built on the shaft of the latter.
  • Dress EZ dressing stick: ArcMate combines both the shoehorn and dressing stick in this model. It is rated as a top-choice dressing aid due to its multi-purpose functionality. This sturdy product is priced at about $15 and consists of a useful push or pull hook that handles dressing better. The hooks are curved with safety and do not harm the skin and at the same time, the foam handle renders a firmer grip of the dressing stick.

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