3 basic types of medical equipment walkers you need to know

The basic walker or standard walker is the most stable kind of medical equipment walkers. They usually comprise a well-built frame made of durable material such as steel or aluminum and require to be lifted and placed with every step taken. The standard non-wheeled walker has to be checked before purchase to ensure that it suits the height of the user and that it is also comfortable for his/her specific hand grip. These are also available in heavier, bariatric models. These basic walkers do not have wheels and are considered best for indoor use by someone who is reasonably stable and needs a little support.

Wheeled walkers are similar to the standard walker but come with small rolling wheels, usually on the front of the walker. The wheels on such medical equipment walkers are usually fixed and move unidirectionally. Hence, they are safe for use even on an outdoor or uneven terrain. The wheels provided add mobility along with safety and stability.

Relators offer the greatest range of movement, as they are fitted with wheels on all four legs. However, ensure that the person is comfortable in handling such a wheeled system. Most rollators are also equipped with seats so that, if tired, the person can also pot to sit down and be wheeled by an attendant. Some rollators also have baskets that make it possible for the elderly even to do their shopping with some degree of independence.

Walkers, whether the standard ones or the wheeled models do provide a lot of stability as they are designed to stand on four legs and therefore, minimize the chances of the user slipping or falling inadvertently. However, owing to their size, they might be a little cumbersome to handle, especially for short distances such as moving from a chair to a standing position to a walk to the restroom. In such cases, one could also opt for a cane that offers a limited amount of support for movement within a small area.

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