Things to consider before getting custom walking sticks for the elderly

In an aging society, the number of people resorting to the usage of the walking stick has significantly gone up. A study conducted by NCBI on 39 older adults aged between 65-95 suggested that continuous use of right kind of walking stick had dramatically improved the quality of walking and in few, they were able to walk even without a walking stick too. The Berg Balance Scale (BBS) scores were used to evaluate the balance in these cases. The scores while using the walking stick were higher than without the stick and eventually also improved the stability of the elderly.

While the market does offer fancy walking sticks which can be readily purchased at the click of a button, the question remains “Is this walking stick the right one for you?” For this reason, custom walking sticks have come into place, and with a lot of awareness, it has become quite popular. After all, the whole point is buying something that is not only right but also takes the elderly to the path of wellness and healing.

Here are few necessary steps to consider before you order your custom walking sticks:

  • Make the elderly wear their shoes – it needs to be the shoe that they usually wear and are comfortable with it. Make them stand upright with arms by the sides of their thighs.
  • Place the walking stick right next to the person. The top of the walking stick (the top point of the inverted ‘U’) should be in line with the bottom of the wrist bone. If you are buying the walking stick online, then measure the distance from the wrist bone to the floor and use the ‘size guide’ of the walking stick available on the website to take a decision.
  • If you already bought a walking stick and realize that it is not the right measurement, then use a small hacksaw to bring it to the desired measurement.

No matter what, ensure that when a person is using the custom walking stick, their elbow is slightly bent as they hold the handle but their shoulders should be at relaxed and at natural level.

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