Innovative and decorative grab bars to choose from

Nowadays, home improvement product manufacturers have come up with an array of decorative grab bars that while serving their actual purpose, manage to blend into the décor and also offer multi-utility options seamlessly. Here are some of the exciting and innovatively designed decorative grab bars available.

The straight grab bar is simply a straight rod that is fixed to the wall and resembles a towel rack. This conventional grab bar is now available with decorative add ones.

The wave style decorative grab bar is ergonomically designed keeping in mind the length of the user’s forearm. It has a stylish wave-like design that makes it aesthetically pleasing.

The shelf integrated grab bar is an innovative addition to the long line up of decorative grab bars. Designed to fit into a corner, the rail can be used as a safety aid while the inner space can be converted into a small shelf for storing necessary toiletries.

Another kind of decorative grab bar combines the railing with an inbuilt design element that enables one to place towels too. Some people may use their towel rack to hold on to when moving, but the towel rack grab bar offers much more safety as it is designed to handle a higher degree of weight.

The grab bar accent ring resembles a decorative ring like fitting that can be placed around the shower valve and blend with the bathroom décor while also offering safety to the user.

The grab bar in the form of a toilet paper holder comprises a large loop of metal positioned exactly above the toilet tissue holder, thereby offering a solid support for the user without compromising on the aesthetics.

The soap dish grab par is a ring of metal that can be fitted around the soap dish holder and performs the dual function of being a soap holder as well as a solid support for the user to hold on to when moving into and out of the shower or bath. These can be installed at the desired height depending on the context of usage.

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