Enhance your safety with handicap grab bars

Grab bars aren’t only meant to be installed in hospitals and public areas, but they should also be installed in houses too. You can place handicap grab bars strategically in your bathroom, bathtub, shower, etc. Handicap rails provide you with extra security for the patients. One must, however, think carefully where to install the handicap grab bars and where not.

You can easily install handicap rails with a hammer, level, drill, drill, bits, rails, and the like. Most grab bars come with an instruction for installation. The hand bars can be put exactly how other towel bars etc. are installed in the bathroom. You can drill the holes in the wall where you want to place the handicap grab bars, check the level, and insert drill bits, insert the rails and tighten up the screws (if any) to conveniently set it up.

Handicap grab bars are necessary to be installed in your house. They help people to maintain balance and reduce fatigue caused while standing. The rails help the person to transfer the body weight onto them. Additionally, they act as a safety measure in case someone slips or falls. One can easily grab the rails to maintain the body balance. Caretakers of disabled people usually use the grab bars while transferring the patients from one place to another.

The grab bars should be placed at a certain height from the floor. It depends on the patient’s height and his/her accessibility range. Usually, for adults, the bars are installed 48’’ from the floor.

Some safety measures are needed to be taken before installing the grab rails. It is recommended to hire a professional for the work to make it more reliable. If you are installing the rails yourself make sure you do not place them into a drywall as the bars would not hold there for long.

Handicap grab bars come in different lengths and sizes. One can place them horizontally and vertically, or one can angle the bars as well, according to the patient’s ease. If you have a disabled patient at home or someone who visits regularly, then you must have the grab bars installed in your house.

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