3 useful reasons to install disabled-friendly grab rails

Many older adults find it difficult when walking or sitting or when carrying on with their regular activities. Some of the most common reasons why grab rails are a great benefit for easing the troubles of the elderly around the house are:

  • Safety: Every elderly individual is worried about slipping or falling and the consequences that come alongside the spill. Having grab rails around the house not only enables the person to carry on with their movement around the house without restriction but also boosts their confidence in moving around without being inhibited by the fear of falling. These grab rails are very disabled-friendly and best suited for those who can use the best of their upper body strength to move around the house. Most importantly, they differ from the regular towel holders or another similar rod because they are made of durable material that can support the individual’s weight. These grab rails are also presented with grips and certain specific materials of coating that ensure that the hand does not slip while holding for a firmer grip.
  • Does not strain the joints: The most common reason why seniors refuse to move is the pain. The use of grab rails helps the elderly to transfer their weight onto these rails by holding firmly and easing off the strain that could cause undue pain at the joints. The simple shift between standing and sitting causes a strain on the hips which in turn causes imbalance. At these difficult moments, holding onto a grab rail will provide the necessary support to slowly ease out from a dormant state and to have better mobility.
  • Mobility: The main feature of grab rails is to provide the elderly with the ease of moving around without having to lie down or sit on their backs all day relying on the efforts of a third person. This ease of movement is mentally calming to the individual and does not cause them to stress over anything.

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