Senior cruise discounts – Benefits that are meant just for you

If you’re a senior citizen who loves to travel, either with your family, your companion or even solo, you are sure to get a great deal for your vacation. Most of the big cruise companies offer senior cruise discounts for individuals aged above 55 years.

An individual aged 55 years or more is considered to be a senior citizen in the cruise industry. Cruise lines like Azamara Club Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Costa Cruises, Oceania Cruise Lines and MSC Cruises offer a significant discount to the senior citizens traveling with them. That’s the reason why their guests consist of a significant number of senior citizens.

And wait! The benefits aren’t over yet. The best thing about senior cruise discounts is that not only do the senior citizen get the discount, but the ones traveling along with them, too.

The only thing you need to do when you board the ship is to carry government-issued valid senior citizen and photo identification for proof of age.

Moreover, in case you are booking a double occupancy room for a single person, many cruise lines will charge the same rate as they would have done for two persons. But because of senior cruise discounts, cruise lines like Holland America line and Costa Cruises allow senior citizens to pay for themselves only while booking a double occupancy room. Be careful, as this might leave the individual alone in case the cruise line is unable to find a matching person to share the stateroom.

Few cruises also offer single staterooms for the ones who love to be alone. So, in case you are a senior citizen, you can use this knowledge to your advantage to enjoy a wide range of benefits for you and your family to travel all around the world.

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