Irresistible senior citizen flight offers for you

Often for senior citizens, the desire to travel is overshadowed by the budget to travel. However, some savings can be made by choosing to book tickets using the senior citizen flight offers that several airlines exclusively provide. Often these savings made on flight tickets enable the elderly passengers to visit a long pending destination and spend the money on the adventure that the place has to offer.

Though these senior citizen flight offers are quite affordable, it should be kept in mind that they are not widely publicized. Also, sometimes it happens that the exclusive offers made on a flight are more beneficial than the senior citizen flight offer on the same flight and on the same day. Nevertheless, these senior citizen flight offers are generally fully refundable in case of a cancellation at the last moment.

Before booking an airline ticket through a travel agency, phone or the internet, it is advisable to call the airline and know the details of these senior citizen flight offers. Some of the airlines that give such discounts are:

  • Southwest Airlines – They have this type of senior citizen flight offers for travelers who are 65 years or above in age. The age proof document should be presented at the airport to avail the discount. Also, if the ticket is booked through the internet, then age proof document can be emailed in advance to the airlines.
  • United Airlines – They also have senior citizen flight offers for the passengers who are 65 years and above. The passenger should present the age proof at the airport to avail the offer. The age proof can be an officially valid document like the driving license.
  • American Airlines – Senior citizen flight offers are available for some domestic routes for passengers who are 65 years or above. These can be availed by calling the reservation department of the airline.
  • Delta – This airline has senior citizen flight offers but based on certain terms, which can be found out by calling the airline’s customer care phone number.

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