Cheap flights for seniors – Helping you travel the world

Nowadays, there are few airlines that offer high benefits to senior citizens. Such benefits including cheap flights for seniors aid in fulfilling the travel dreams of many. The most common one is known to be 10 percent off on the complete fare price of a flight where the eligibility of age ranges from 50 to 65 years. Here are some of the airlines offering cheap flights for seniors in the US:

Air France
Air France contributes to being one of the most prominent cheap flights for seniors. The fares are known to be reserved for passengers who have attained an age of 65. However, this offer is valid for travel within metropolitan France only. You would be required to show an age proof at the time of travel.

British Airways
British Airways is known to be one of the most popular airlines offering cheap flights for seniors which partners with AARP. It offers a discount of $400 for specific flights for AARP members.

American Airlines
This is another airline that offers a cheap flight for seniors where discounted fares are offered on few domestic flights for passengers who have attained the age of 65. You can call the airlines to confirm the discounts and fares.

United Airlines
United Airlines come with senior citizen discounts in specific markets. You can call the reservation department of United Airlines to avail information about cheap flights for seniors for a specific flight.

Most of the regular discount fares are lower in comparison to senior fares. If you are not capable of finding senior discounts that suits your budget, here are few options for finding affordable airfare:

You should be flexible with the dates: For instance, you can procure significant savings in case you depart on Tuesday morning instead of Friday evening.

You should be aware of the fees: Airlines tend to charge for fees for things such as food or checked baggage. Hence, you should be paying only for the carry on luggage and save money by bringing your own snacks on the flight.

You should sign up for deal alerts or travel newsletters: These newsletters will help you find the best discounts.

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