Airlines offering low fares to senior citizens

Senior citizen flight offers provide the opportunity to seniors to travel without burning a hole in their pockets. Here is a list of the flights that have exclusive rates for seniors:

United Airlines provides senior prices for people who have attained the age of 65 years. Travelers who chose the senior fares need to bring proof of age mandatorily to the airport for procuring the benefits of discounted prices. Seniors who are a part of the Silver Wings Plus program are capable of purchasing fixed rate zone rates for a travel companion.

Southwest is another airline worth mentioning that comes with senior citizen flight offers for travelers who have attained an age of 65 years. These offers can be availed over the phone, online and via travel agents. Seniors who take benefits of discounted fare requires bringing proof of age which may be driver’s license at the airport in order to complete the age verification process. They can also email a copy of age proof to the airlines prior to the flight before check-in.

Other airlines
There are a wide array of airlines that confer senior citizen flight offers to seniors for a limited period. For instance, Continental confers senior fares on chosen routes to seniors who have already attained an age of 64 years. You can avail these offers by contacting the reservation department of the airlines over the phone. Prior to booking a flight, you should call the preferred airlines and ensure that they are actually offering the fares for seniors during that time.

Additional considerations
While senior discounts can be availed via several airlines, it is not mandatory that these fares offer the best deal. If you are looking for the best senior fare, you should try the combination of times and dates for determining the lowest prices, as senior fares cannot be availed on different flights. The discounts differ from day to day, and at times even on flights to the similar destination.

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