Airlines offering cheap flights for seniors

Nowadays many seniors are willing to take the opportunity to travel and visit places, once they reach the age of 60 years or above as they have more time and opportunity. However, the budget of a traveler sometimes proves to be a hindrance in achieving this dream. Sometimes it also happens that the traveler is willing to spend more on the destination than on the flight tickets. For these situations, finding cheap flights for seniors and whether airlines have any exclusive offers for seniors are the frequently asked questions.

Senior citizen discounts are offered by a few airlines. Also, these types of cheap flights for seniors are not advertised. It must be kept in mind that cost-wise these may not be the best options available when compared to the lightening deals that are given for a day by any airline. However, these exclusive offers of cheap flights for seniors offer are often refundable even if cancelled at the last moment.

Before booking a ticket, it is always better to check the terms and conditions on the airline’s website or call up their customer care. A few airlines that offer such discounts are:

  • United Airlines – They offer cheap flights for seniors aged 65 and above. The passenger should present the age proof at the airport to avail the discount.
  • Southwest Airlines – They too offer this type of discount for travelers aged 65 and above. The age proof document should be presented at the airport to avail the discount. Moreover, if the discount is availed online, the age proof document can be mailed in advance to the airline.
  • Delta – This airline offers cheap flights for seniors but on the basis of certain conditions, which can be found out by calling their customer care service.
  • American Airlines – Cheap flights for seniors are available for some domestic routes for passengers aged 65 and above.

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