4 factors to consider while buying golf clubs

A seasoned player or rookie, it is important to know that the key to a good golf game is using the right club. At times, choosing a golf club can turn into a daunting task because of the extensive range of golf clubs that are available in the market. Several players, especially, beginners make the blunder of buying clubs that don’t agree with their swing mechanics or level of play. Therefore, before making a purchase, here are some essential factors one should scrutinize.

Golf club length
It is imperative for a player to get a golf club of the right length. Standard golf clubs are designed for men and women with an approximate height of 5 foot 10 inches. If players are taller or shorter than the stated height, then they will need to get their golf clubs customized. Likewise, physical strength also needs to be taken into consideration. So, individuals with short stature can opt for lighter golf clubs so that it doesn’t interfere with their swing power.

The grips are crucial for maintaining the player’s control over the golf club. Going for the wrong grips can impede one’s golf game. There are four types of grips to choose from, i.e., the standard grip, the under-sized grip, the mid-sized grip, and the over-sized grip. Moreover, they come in a variety of textures like smooth, coarse, and abrasive. To pick the best grips, one should consult a professional golf fitter.

Shaft material
The shaft of the golf club makes up for the majority of its weight. Typically, these shafts are created using graphite or steel. Graphite shafts are comparatively more expensive. However, they are lighter and render better distance with every swing. Moreover, their lightness makes it simpler for the player to swing. This feature could benefit people who significantly lack arm strength. Alternatively, steel is heavier and cheaper but makes a great option for individuals who have a good arm strength and need the additional weight to restrain their swings.

While buying a golf club, one should ensure to buy some essential accessories like a golf bag, gloves, and shoes. Although it is optional to use gloves and golf shoes, these accessories can come in handy. The gloves can improve the grip on the golf club, and the shoes can prevent the player from slipping and falling on the course.

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