Why should everyone get pool solar covers?

Pool solar covers are eco-friendly and an economical way of reducing the water usage of pools, thereby saving both natural and financial resources. However, these are not the only advantages that they have. Read on to know how pool solar covers are advantageous.

  • Water heating
    Pool solar covers trap the UV rays of the sun inside bubbles and then use this heat to warm up the pool. However, for this mechanism to work efficiently, the bubbles of air must be facing towards the surface of the pool.
  • Reduced cost of energy
    By using solar covers, there is a decrease in the use of heaters, which reduces utility expenses. Furthermore, if the pool is situated in an area that has access to a lot of sunlight, then the heating cost can be entirely cut off.
  • Reduction in evaporation
    A regular pool does absorb heat from its surroundings, but this warmth does not stay. This is because uncovered pools are prone to evaporation. The use of these covers helps block this evaporation and retain the heat from the sun in the water.
  • Saves water
    Once the evaporation has been lessened, the amount of water dissipating from the pool over a certain period of swimming also declines. Consequently, this reduces the amount of water that needs to be refilled to stabilize the levels. With the help of pool solar covers, this volume can be reduced by 50%.
  • Extending the swimming period
    A pool cover ensures that the swimming pool maintains an optimum level of heat for a prolonged time than it would have normally been. This means that even later on when the temperatures are beginning to drop, water remains warmer. Though the duration depends on the climate of the area, it can be guaranteed that the pool will remain warmer, allowing you to spend more time in it. 

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