What are the various options in security alarm systems

Even a simple alarm system can protect your property by sounding off a warning to everyone in the neighborhood. But with so many advanced options available for both homes and businesses, there is no reason for you to not use them for better safety and protection. Depending on your needs and budget, you can select a suitable alarm system for you.
Here are the various options in alarm systems.

Specific threat protection
Alarm systems are now available to protect from specific security threats. You can choose one or more depending on your home or business requirements.

  • Fire alarms – For small homes and shops, fire alarms may seem unnecessary. However, in certain situations, fire alarms can be hugely beneficial, for instance, when your shop is closed for business, or you are sleeping at home.
  • Burglar alarms – These types of security systems can protect against thieves and other intruders in your home or place of business by sounding off alerts.

Use of technology
Security systems now use advanced tech to offer better protection. You now have a wide variety of choices to pick from.

  • Unmonitored alarms – These are simple security alarm systems that make a warning sound when tripped. The loud ringing is enough to ward off intruders and also alert everyone in and around the house. This type of alarm is a cost-effective option as there are no monitoring charges.
  • Monitored alarms – When triggered, this type of alarm system alerts a monitoring center. These monitoring centers then inform the law enforcements about any possible break-ins. But with alert lines connected with the phone lines installed outside, it is easy to cut them and disable the alarm.
  • Wireless alarms – These are easy to install. But in the long run, with the use of batteries, it can add to your security system costs. These can be used with cameras or motion detection settings. Alarm systems with video surveillance are more popular these days, especially for commercial properties.
  • Electronic alarms – Most often used in homes, these alarms are useful to guard windows and doors. But often, these can malfunction due to interference from other electrical signals.

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