What are the essential steps for painting your home exteriors?

When it comes to painting the interiors of your home, the choices and colors and various other aspects of painting may overwhelm you. On the contrary, exterior paint ideas are rather simple. But the fact is that exterior painting is not as simple as you may believe it to be.

Of course, you may not have too many themes and design patterns to keep in mind but it is true that the whole look of your house from the outside depends on the texture and quality of the exterior paint. Moreover, the exterior paint is more prone to damage due to its exposure to harsh weather conditions, pollution, dirt, etc. That being said, it is essential to follow a certain method to achieve good results with your exterior paint ideas.

Basic cleanup of the exterior walls
The exterior walls of your home face all severities of the environment and as a result, there is a good accumulation of dirt on the face of the walls. During damp weather conditions, there are high chances of accumulation of mold and mildew on the walls. This dirt, mold, and mildew has to be removed before you apply the exterior paint.

Pressure washing
Once the basic clean-up is done, the next step is to scrub off the earlier paint and use high pressure water to clean the wall. This step helps in hydrating the wall. The surface should then be left for drying.

This is the process to seal and close any open cracks or damages. This process prevents water from seeping in through the cracks. Even the best exterior paint ideas will not give good results without a proper caulking process.

Paint application
The next step is applying the chosen shade of paint. There are a large number of colors available along with variations. To get the best that suits your house and the weather conditions of your town you may opt for color consultation. The experts offer the best exterior paint ideas and could easily clear your confusion in selecting the right product and color for your home.

After the application of paint, it is recommended that you apply a weather protection coating. Alternatively, the smartest move would be to use a weather protection paint to avoid double expenses.

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